Gates Concrete Forming Systems

#9 Anchor Lock

Gates’ Heavy Weight Gang System

  • Form Weight—approx 9#/sf (typical design)
  • #9 Anchor Locks are attached to the form and lock the taper ties or tie ends w/ inner ties
  • Taper Ties with slotted ends designed for multiple wall thicknesses—removable for repeat uses
  • Type “A” Tie End combines with 1⁄2” Inner Tie and produces a 1 1⁄2” setback when removed
  • Type “B” Tie End combines with the 1⁄2” Inner Tie and removable vinyl sleeve— enables reuse of Inner Ties
  • Gates slotted Taper Tie hold forms apart while setting, yielding a precise wall thickness—no internal spreader needed

#9 Exploded Tri

Typical Form Design

  • Typical tie pattern is 36”x36” using common forming materials (4×4 lumber and 3⁄4” plywood)
  • Taper Ties: 10000# safe working load and Inner Ties: 9000# safe working load (2:1 safety factor)—adjust tie pattern or pour rate accordingly
  • Straightforward gang form fabrication design is quick to build and easy to modify
  • Assembled forms have no loose hardware
  • Gang forms can be connected using Gates 2”x2” Punched Angle with loose or attached “U” Clamps

#9 Gang Form

Versatile Forming System

  • Great for radius forming (ask about pre-cut wood radius walers or Gates Radius Steel Walers) form perfect curved walls
  • Gates builds custom forms delivered to the jobsite ready to set with minimal assembly
  • #9 Anchor Locks, Adjustable Form Braces and Scaffold Brackets are plated for corrosion resistance—Gates hardware is available for rental

#9 Anchor Lock