Gates Concrete Forming Systems

Cam Lock

The Quicker Hand Set System

  • Gates’ hand-set forming system
  • Cam Lock Bracket engages the loop-end tie, securely holding the 2×4 waler into place
  • Stiffback Clamps attach to Cam Lock Brackets anywhere a 2×4 stiffback member is needed
  • Self-centering plastic cushion cones seat tightly to the form providing a neat & clean breakback
  • Cam Lock ties are self spreading with a metal washer embedded into each cone
  • 1”, 1 1⁄2”, or 2” depth cones or washers
  • Cam Lock ties eliminate the need for long and short end ties by utilizing one standard end length



Typical Form Design

  • Typical tie pattern is 16”x24” using common forming materials (2×4 lumber and 3⁄4” plywood form face)
  • 2250# safe working load (2:1 safety factor) adjust tie pattern/pour rate according to specific job requirements
  • Uses less lumber and requires less nailing than other typical wood-based hand-set systems
  • Customizable and flexible system—adaptable to most other types of wall forming systems
  • Stackable—use with Gates Scaffold Brackets


Versatile Forming System

  • Great for radius forming—ask about pre-cut wood radius walers—form perfect curved walls
  • Virtually all commercial jobsites have forming requirements ideally suited for the Cam Lock System—combine with Gates Anchor Lock Gang Systems
  • Cam Lock Brackets, Stiffback Clamps, and Scaffold Brackets are plated for corrosion resistance—Gates hardware is available for rental

Cam Lock Gang Form


Product Details:

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