Gates Concrete Forming Systems

Gang Form Adapter – Steel

Quickly Gang Steel Frame Panels

  • Gang Form Adapter attaches to typical steel frame form panels—approx 10#/sf (typical design)
  • Gates Anchor Locks are attached to the Gang Form Adapters and lock the Taper Ties or Tie Ends
  • Taper Ties with slotted ends designed for multiple wall thickness—removable for repeat uses
  • Gates Type “A” Tie End for this system combines with 1⁄2” Inner Tie and produces a 1 1⁄2” setback when removed
  • Gates Type “B” Tie End for this system combines with 1⁄2” Inner Tie and removable vinyl sleeve enabling reuse of Inner Tie
  • Attached hardware and slotted Taper Ties hold forms apart while setting and yield a precise wall thickness—no need for an internal spreader

Gang Form Adapter

Easily Adapt Form Dimensions

  • Adapters are capable of supporting 1000#/sf safe working load (2:1 safety factor)
  • System capacity varies based on type/brand of steel frame panel used
  • No Loose Parts—gang forms assemble extremely quickly with a minimal amount of necessary accessories and are easy to modify (3⁄4” Flat Coil Bolts hold the gang forms firmly together)
  • Gang Form Splice Box Tubes vertically attach Gang Adapter members for a rigid connection

Gang Form Adapter Sizes

Straight Wall or Shaft Forming

  • Designed to work with Gates Collapsible Inside Corner and Lift ‘N Lock Safety Platform for a very effective elevator/stair shaft forming system
  • Accessories are available to utilize typical steel frame panel scaffold brackets
  • Gang Form Adapters are constructed of aluminum and plated steel parts for corrosion resistance Gates hardware is available for rental